Farm Silo (also called farm bin) is the kind of steel silo which is widely used to store corn,
soybean or wheat, etc.  The Congo customer has a large farm,  corn and soybean 
are the most planted grains.
As the grain output increased very fast, he wanted to find steel silos to for cereal storage. 
The farm silo project has  2 sets 500t hopper silos, or 2 sets 500t farm bins, 
the 500t grain storage silo model is very popular to customers, 
he choose the classical steel silo model. 
The farm silo diameter is 8.25m,  the farm bin rings is 10m, 
the farm silo ring beam height is 4.98m, 
the silo eave height is 16.235m, the total height of this hopper silo is 18.14m,
the volume of this grain silo is 708m³, it can store 531 tons of  soybean, maize or corn.
The grains will be cleaned by the cleaning system before storage. 
The whole grain cleaning system includes the pre cleaner (pre cleaning machine), cyclone, 
deduster (dedusting machine), fan, pulse dust collector, dedusting pipe etc.